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DIR®/Floortime Training Leader

We help to build healthy support for the mental, social-emotional, and educational growth of all children.

NDT/C Neuro-Developmental Therapy

Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) is a hands-on treatment approach used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

Sensory Integration Treatment (SIPT)

Our Certified Occupational Therapists focus on the wholeness of each child, by assessing sensory processing and providing a variety of efficient treatments.

Our Mission

To (1) provide the highest quality pediatric therapy services for children in need, and (2) foster an environment that empowers patients, parents and caregivers into higher levels of hope, independence and success.

Bridging The GAP Pediatric OT

We provide quality Occupational Therapy Services in Houston and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of treating the whole child and believe that the family is the most important part of the child’s team.  We only provide pediatric therapy, so our focus is on meeting the child’s therapeutic needs.  We have quality partners who we consult with to ensure that all your needs are met, even if that means an outside referral is what is needed.

Years of Experience


“Ms. Chelsea thank you so very much for taking Mason to the Rodeo as apart of his OT and being a wonderful person. You have such a good heart and have been very good to my son. We love you, God bless and thank you so much again! Alexis (Mason’s mom)”